How A DVC Rental Works



1.) Let the Magic Begin!

  • Which resort would you like to visit?
  • What room size would you like to book?
  • Is there a specific view you would like?
  • What dates are you looking for?
  • You can determine the number of points needed for your desired reservation by using our DVC points calculator.

2.) Submit A Request Form To Start The Conversation

  • To submit your request, visit our DVC Rental Request Form page
  • Fill in the form with your desired reservation details and contact information
  • Our DVC booking specialists will go to work on your behalf to find availability
  • Once our specialists have your reservation ready to book, we collect a fully-refundable initial deposit of $200.00. If booking a Confirmed Reservation, full payment is due upon booking.
  • Bookings made 4 months or less require immediate full payment
  • Our team secures your reservation, and sends you a confirmation e-mail

3.) Put That Reservation On Your Calendar

  • Once the reservation has been fully booked and confirmed by email, if your booking’s check-in date is more than 4 months + 1 day away, we collect 70% of the total reservation price as your final deposit within 5 days of booking confirmation
  • We will then send Rental Agreements to be signed. Renters will have the opportunity to add protection plans at this time
  • Any remaining balance is due 90 days before check-in
  • Renters will have the option of paying the 70% deposit and the final remaining balance by PayPal (subject to 4.3% processing fee)

4.) Enjoy Your Dream Vacation

  • That’s it! Sit back and enjoy your Disney vacation for less!